Strongsville Cooperative Preschool

Together we work,

together we play, together we grow.

You should be getting your KidStuff coupon books during your
Get Acquainted day or first day of school. This fundraiser runs through
September 15th and it is the co-op's mandatory fundraiser this year.
 Each family must either sell four books or write a check to the Strongsville Cooperative Preschool for $50. Please contact Amira Miles or Rachel Iafigliola with any questions or Thank you!

**** Due to changes from the state, this new medical form *****
must be completed by your child's physician by the start of the school year. 

The Strongsville Cooperative Preschool
is currently registering for the 2015-2016 school year.
If you would like additional information about our school, please email
or call Joan at (440)-655-8089.

The Strongsville Co-Op recognizes that parents are the primary educators in our children’s lives. Bringing parents and teachers together in the classroom creates a dynamic, enriching environment where everyone benefits. The teachers grow in insight and skill, the parents grow in understanding and confidence, and the children thrive in receiving the best from both.

It is our hope that preschool will enrich each child and supplement the good foundations already laid for them in their early years, allowing for them to become acquainted with their feelings and develop fully their potential for work and play. In this unique community, parents are involved in the learning that occurs each and every day.

The mission of the Strongsville Cooperative Preschool:
Together we work, together we play, together we grow.

15245 Tracy Lane • Strongsville, OH 44136